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Guatemalan Espresso – Subscription

From: $14.50 / week

Subscribe to this beautiful expression of profound sugars, deep chocolate, and rich black cherries all together in a velvety body and caramel-like finish that’s the perfect base to start your day.


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Roasted to caramelized perfection, this magical infusion of sweet, creamy energy
is the perfect base for innovation, both in your mug and your life!


We believe knowing your coffee is key to empowerment.

  • Producer: Raquela, Ilcia, Nidia, Amilsa, Ana, or Angelica
  • Origin: San Antonio las Flores, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa
  • Region: New Oriente Region
  • Grade: Strictly Hard, SCA 83-84
  • Altitude: 1475-1900 Meters Above Sea Level
  • Varieties: Caturra, Catuaí, and Pache Colis
  • Process: Washed
  • Roast Level: Guatemalan Espresso
  • Roaster: Evelin Tupul

Guatemalan Espresso

An Espresso Roast refers to a coffee that has been strategically roasted to give particularly excellent results when prepared via an espresso machine. Because of the techniques Evelin uses when roasting, these beans create a cup of coffee that’s creamy and balanced, showcasing deep sweet flavors like burned sugar, dark chocolate, and panela while still leaving room for a slightly fruity brightness that shines from the back. An Espresso Roast is typically on the darker side, which helps create that textured body as well as crema, the luscious cream layer on top of an Espresso Shot. While these are certainly the characteristics of an ideal Espresso, you can (and should!) absolutely, 100% enjoy this coffee brewed with pretty much any coffee device.


  • Farm Gate: $2.40 (Parchment)
  • Chica Bean Production: $4.05
  • C Price at purchase: $2.157 FOB (Green/Oro)


While this coffee does make a luxurious Espresso shot or an extraordinary base for fun drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, it is also captivating in other methods. Try our Espresso in your everyday drip machine for a rich bodied cup heavy on caramelized sugars or go wild and prepare it with an apparatus like a Chemex or V60 to enjoy straight up chocolate covered cherries. As always, we recommend trying the first 2 sips of your cup without any additives to experience its natural goodness, but after, as to your preference, add whatever you like to this coffee. Its full body blends beautifully with all varieties of milks.


Your bag of Guatemalan Espresso will come from one of the strong female producers listed above. However, with our Espresso, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast, we do not actually know who’s coffee we will be roasting until roast day. These producers are all very small producers and don’t cultivate enough to have their own dedicated product. They are all from the same community and produce quite similar coffee so we can ensure quality throughout the year by leaving sacks sealed until they need to be opened.

It is our promise to always deliver single-origin coffee. That means, we never blend our coffee, not when roasting or before when it’s in green bean form. We maintain strict records to ensure that every single bag of coffee can be traced back to the strong woman who created it as well as the exact batch it was roasted in. Check your bag to find out who produced your coffee!

Additional information

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Coffee Characteristics

Caramelized Sugars, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate with a Creamy Body and Sweet Finish

Roast Level





Doña Evelyn, Doña Maritza Roque, Doña Maria B.

Growing Region

New Oriente


San Pedro Pinula, Jalapa, Guatemala

Coffee Varieties

Catuaí, Caturra, Pache Colis


1475-1600 MASL, 1600-1900 MASL

Shade Coverage



Evelin Tupul, @ Chica Bean Roastery, in Santa Lucía Milpas Altas, Sacatepequez, Guatemala


See the banner at the top of the page to see when our next shipment is leaving for the U.S.A. For all the shipping deets, check out our shipping policy at the bottom of the page


Your coffee will be roasted 1 or 2 days before it is shipped to you directly from our roastery in Guatemala. After leaving us, it usually takes around 3 days to arrive at your doorstep, meaning you receive your coffee within a week of it being roasted

Grind Options

Whole Bean, Coarse (French Press), Medium Coarse, Medium, Fine


12oz, 5lb


Monthly, Every Two Weeks, Weekly

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  1. Rachel Wilson

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    Rachel Wilson (verified owner)

    I love the coffee and the people behind it!


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    JASON L. (verified owner)

    Delicious Guatemalan beans roasted to order and delivered to my front door. Doesn’t get much better than than 🙂 #singleorigin #farm2roastery2me #womenproducers #socialenterprise

  3. Marcia Johnston

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    Marcia (verified owner)

    I love supporting you all, and I love drinking this coffee.

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Guatemalan Espresso – Subscription

Guatemalan Espresso – Subscription


(3 Previews)

(3 customer reviews )