Chica Bean is Guatemalan specialty coffee, produced by women, roasted at origin, and delivered fresh to your door in the US. With convenient subscriptions, tasty gifts, and a direct connection to our farming community, we’re where the happiness of a great cup of coffee meets the warm-fuzzy feeling of contributing to a better world.


We break industry norms by roasting our specialty coffee here in Guatemala, just miles from where it was produced, and then sending it directly to you in the USA. With our shipping, you will receive your coffee within a week of it being roasted. This creates a shared-value model that ensures everyone, from our smallholder female producers to you, wins.

The goal of our social enterprise is to bring you a coffee that is as delicious as it is good for the community. We focus on quality and connection so you can fully experience your brew. For casual coffee drinkers and full out aficionados alike, Chica Bean will help start your day with impact!

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With Our Producers Themselves

This coffee is excellent, that’s all I can say. My first cup in the morning just warms my soul and tells me that the day ahead will be a joy, Thank you ladies for nurturing these fruits of the earth and roasting them to perfection.


April 1, 2022
I am hooked! This is hands down the best coffee I have ever tasted. I also love that it empowers women and supports local farmers in Guatemala. Win-win!

6 small bags of all the coffee varieties Chica Bean offers


January 15, 2022
We love your coffee. It is always fresh and delicious. Even more than the coffee we love how the company is run and everything we know about it. One time there was an order with the shipping (not at all Chica Bean’s fault) and they had the best customer service ever. Chica Bean truly loves their customers.


January 30, 2022