Shipping & Handling Details


When do we ship?

Check the banner at the top of the shop page (link here) to see our next shipment date. Please order by 10am CST the date before the stated shipment date to ensure that your order makes it in that shipment.


Where do we deliver?

We ship directly to any address within the United States of America, right to your door! That can be any order size from 1 single bag of coffee up to an entire pallet full if you’d like. (Actually, we can do more than a pallet, if you’re interested! Just contact us through the ‘Wholesale’ tap). 

If you are looking for international shipping, we can easily do 32kg or more but unfortunately at this time the logistical infrastructure to deliver 1 bag of coffee to any address in the world from Guatemala for a reasonable price doesn’t exist yet. We can’t wait until it does!

For our friends who live in Canada, check out our partnership with Yoly Beans Coffee ( to get our coffee delivered directly to you!


How long will it take?

Once the shipment leaves our roastery in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Guatemala, it will take about 2 or 3 business days to arrive at your doorstep. This is AMAZINGLY fast considering it is coming from Guatemala! It means that your coffee will arrive to you within a week of being toasted, giving it time to de-gasify while still being exceptionally fresh.


How much does it cost?

For now, to keep things simple for you, we charge a flat shipping rate of $5 per shipment. With the purchase of $75 or more, you will receive free shipping. With any monthly subscription, you will enjoy free shipping! (Talk about a deal!) 

We offer this incentive for subscriptions because, while our margins decrease, subscriptions are the best way to ensure we have continued business. This means we keep roasting, providing educational and economic opportunities, and being able to pay our producers just prices. Having that kind of assurance is worth it for us.



We are 100%, undoubtedly confident that you will love our products, however if there is ever an incident, damage, or otherwise unacceptable product, we are here to work with you. Please contact us directly for any issues that you may have.


Customs isn’t a problem?

We always cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s during the exportation/importation process. We have all the necessary legal requirements and documents, as well as years of experience in these kinds of procedures. We are very thorough because we understand that even bad handwriting can sometimes cause problems when you’re dealing with customs and any preventable delays or problems caused by us is unacceptable. 

On a VERY rare occasion, our products have passed through rather, shall we say, overzealous agents who start ripping and cutting bags before properly examining the paperwork that we send with our coffee. When this happens, there is always very specific evidence that they have tampered with the product. If you think that your package may have been vandalized or destroyed by customs, PLEASE take pictures and contact us immediately. We will take the necessary steps to follow-up with our brokers as well as do whatever we can to make that inconvenience up to you.


Can you ship to people serving through the military or State Department abroad?

We absolutely can and do quite frequently! However, we need the DPM address instead of the DPO address. That is the address that usually has Dulles, VA as the city rather than AA, AP, or AE as the state.


Can you ship Green Bean to Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately we recently learned that we cannot serve home roasters based in Hawaii or Puerto Rico with green bean coffee as both of these locations of strict restrictions protecting the islands environment and market, as producing regions themselves. Technically, you can ship green coffee to Hawaii but a permit issued by the Department of Agriculture is required and shipments must be “…subjected to methyl bromide treatment or other non-chemical treatment such as heat.” That can’t be good for the coffee and is not financially feasible, especially for smaller shipments. We have a great success sending our roasted coffee to both Hawaii and Puerto Rico and will absolutely continue to offer that option (although Puerto Rico will be handled via quotes because UPS considers it outside of the US… que complicado!). We are now aware of this rule and will abide by it however there is no way to automate our website to not allow shoppers from Hawaii or Puerto Rico to purchase green bean. We will try our best to catch any orders that do go through and initiate direct communication to find the best solution.


Background Info:

The country of Guatemala does not have a national mail system. It’s crazy to think about, but there are no mailboxes in front of people’s homes or home delivery of packages bought online. Some people pay to have a PO Box type set up, but those are few and far between. There are private companies that offer deliveries within Guatemala but they charge exuberant amounts to send things to the USA. We’re talking like $40 for a t-shirt. There is also very, very little e-commerce in Guatemala. We’re kind of also mavericks is that area, too!

We are a social enterprise with the aim to expand to more countries in Latin America that had never been accessible before. We’re the first company in Guatemala, second in all of Latin America to offer door-to-door delivery of roasted coffee directly from origin without having to charge excruciatingly high shipping (a cost which is typically passed on to you, the consumer, or taken away from small producers’ incomes). We use UPS’s shipping services and solutions to deliver high quality specialty coffee to you, all while paying our producers at least 50% more than they would get from the international market AND make our own margin. That’s win-win-win!!