Chica Bean Gift Card


Help your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, or just everyone in your life start their days with impact by gifting them our truly special Specialty Coffee!


Enjoying Guatemalan Specialty Coffee

How Our Gift Cards Work

  1. Choose the amount you would like to gift your loved one
  2. Add your name so they can know who’s sharing such delicious impact with them
  3. Write a personalized message to include with the gift card
  4. Choose when you would like us to send them their gift card. Today? Tomorrow? You can even schedule it well in advance so you’ll never forget someone’s birthday or an anniversary again!

Additional information


Never! As long as you've still got funds on the card, we welcome you to use it, no matter how long ago you received it.


You decide when it will be sent to the recipient's email address.

Redemption Limitations

eGift Card recipients may use their cards on any and all Chica Bean products. No limitations.

Gift Card Options

$25 Chica Bean Card, $50 Chica Bean Card, $75 Chica Bean Card, $100 Chica Bean Card


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Chica Bean Gift Card

Chica Bean Gift Card