Traditionally Woven Guatemalan Pillow Case


100% Hand-woven pillowcase created by Maya-Kaqchikel artists that add a splash of Guatemala to any space!

  • Handmade
  • Traditional Guatemalan weaving
  • Supports artisans affected by COVID19

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A beautiful hand woven throw pillow case that brightens up any space while also preserving Guatemalan tradition.

A woman in traditional Mayan clothes smiles and sits in front of many woven colorful tapestries
A woman wearing traditional Guatemalan clothes works a traditional weaving loom


  • Size: 17” x 17”
  • 100% cotton
  • Zipper enclosure
  • Hand woven
  • Cleaning instructions: Hand wash or delicate cycle in cold water and hang dry
  • Featured images: coffee flowers, laurel leaves, volcanoes, grapes, and quetzales (Guatemala’s national bird)


Hello. My name is Sindy Tartón, a third generation Maya-Kaqchikel weaver from Santa Catarina Barahona.  Our family textile business is run by 15 members, a  multi-generation group ranging from teenagers to my 86 year-old grandmother. 

Our family business not only supports us financially, but it also preserves and promotes the Maya-Kaqchikel tradition of backstrap weaving. Each piece is 100% handmade using the brocade technique on the backstrap loom. 

We pride ourselves in producing high quality textiles using traditional and contemporary design motifs. We use locally sourced high quality cotton.

When you purchase our 100% handmade textile, you are helping preserve and promote backstrap weaving for future generations. 

*Translated directly from Spanish


Chica Bean is invested in our community’s economic recovery.  The drop in Guatemalan tourism due to Covid19 significantly impacted local artisans’ sales.  The Ministry of Economy and Peace Corps, through virtual service, began working with local artisans to explore alternative sales mechanisms, including digital marketing.  Our Guatemalan Marketplace was built just for this, to bring you quality Guatemalan products at a fair price.


Price to Textiles Tartón: $60
Chica Bean Costs: $9
Shipping, handling, and exporting/importing: $6


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Traditionally Woven Guatemalan Pillow Case

Traditionally Woven Guatemalan Pillow Case